International Photo Contest

International Photo Contest 

Man and the river Drava



At AquaSystems, we have put ecological orientation at the centre of our operations. We manage and implement our planning and activities with the view to prevent pollution and limit all negative impacts on the environment. One of the company’s guiding principles is responsibility towards the river Drava and inhabitants of Maribor. 

We supplement our primary activity with a range of projects supporting the social and cultural development of the local community. This time we are encouraging everyone to express themselves artistically and capture a photograph of the river Drava.

As the river Drava connects the inhabitants of villages and towns of different languages and cultures along its course, we have decided to organize an international photo contest open to all individuals linked by our river Drava.

The theme: Man and the river Drava

What is the relationship between man and nature? Are we intruders who, through our interventions, permanently change our living environment and thus influence animal and plant species at both the macro and micro levels? Are human interventions in the environment only negative?

The story of many places and their inhabitants is intricately connected with the river Drava. The river has enabled the establishment of many villages and towns, stimulated their economic and social development, and has become an important part of everyday life. In many instances, people living along the river have left lasting imprints through their plans and actions that changed the image of this mighty river and the living environment it offers not only to humans but also to many plant and animal species.

In recent years, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of the river Drava, and our common mission is to give the river back its former significance and preserve it for future generations. The aim of the contest is therefore to take a photograph, which will capture the relationship between humans and the Drava in a creative and telling way.

a. Project purpose

With the contest, we promote cultural life in the settlements along the river Drava. We give all professional and amateur photographers the opportunity to express their creativity and capture the theme of the contest. With this project, we also want to draw attention to our shared responsibility of take keep the river Drava clean.

Photography as art - Photography is the method of permanently recording an image. The word is of Greek origin and can be translated as drawing with light. In the modern world, we encounter photography at almost every step. Everyone has a camera in their pocket, but only a few know how to really use it well. Photographers do not tell their own story, they just listen to stories of objects and other people, which the capture in a frame. The photographer has the power to illuminate the darkness and expose ignorance. With a careful eye, they can capture stories that have never been heard before. In addition, the beauty of photography is that it is a universal language that everyone understands.

b. Participation rules

Amateur and professional photographers residing in areas along the river Drava are eligible to participate. Jury members, contest organizers and their family members may not take part in the contest.

Participants may enter up to six photographs, which must be submitted during the contest period. There is no participation fee.

Authors can apply via the online application form, which will be active between 22 March and 22 April 2021. Authors will receive additional information on how to submit photographs in the confirmation e-mail.

More details on the terms of participation are available in the call (Slovene and English).

The application form, which must be submitted together with the photographs, is available here.

c. Selection and awards

Two entries will be awarded: one, selected by the expert jury, and one selected by the public vote.

The expert jury will shortlist 10 finalists and select the winning entry among the submitted photographs. Jury members: 
Arne Hodalič, internationally acclaimed Slovenian photographer, jury president,
Igor Debevec, President of the Photographic Association of Slovenia,
Branimir Ritonja, President of the Fotoklub Maribor,
- Bojan Golčar, renowned Slovenian photographer,
- Leon Lozar, Director of AquaSystems d.o.o.

The shortlisted photographs will be put to a public vote, which will take place between 7 and 13 May 2021 on the Facebook page AquaSystems d. o. o. The entry with most votes (“Likes”) will be named winner of the public vote. 

Author of the winning photograph selected by the expert jury will be awarded 800 €. The winning photograph will be featured on the cover of the Slovenian magazine E-fotografija.

Author of the winning photograph selected by the public vote will be awarded 500 €.

Authors of the other 8 non-winning shortlisted photographs will be paid a 100 € copyright fee for each of the photographs.

d. Exhibition and catalogue

All 10 shortlisted photographs will be exhibited at the Vodni stolp Gallery in Maribor between 18 May and 18 June 2021. The exhibition will be accompanied by an official catalogue with shortlisted works and their authors.

The winning photograph selected by the expert jury will be solemnly revealed at the exhibition opening.


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